[Getting Started]

CMS makes setting up and managing a website easy for everyone from total beginners to experienced professionals.

Step by step guide on how to get started:

1) Define the type of site you wish to create – create a brief detailing what you wish to achieve.

2) Think about your brand – you may already have a brand which you wish to develop further or require a new brand to be created. We have

many years experience in brand creation and development and can work with you to achieve your aspirations for your brand.

3) Consider the site content – decide on the content you wish to include and the way you wish to organise and present it. This includes defining sections for the site and any features that might be offered to users. We can help you to edit content for use online, writing fresh content and translation, if required.

4) Establish any Images and/or video to be included – collect together any images and video

to portray your brand image or communicate with your users. Alternatively, we can assist by sourcing or creating images to fit your brand and site. This could include photography, illustrations, diagrams, tables etc.

5) Look at the competition – How do competitor’s sites present? How would you like to set your site apart from what is already out there? Are there any other sites you like/dislike?

6) Set an achievable schedule – we can work with you to create a timeframe for the site to be built that matches your requirements.